Tithe &Offering


All offering goes to the Indiana Seventh Day Adventist Conference and does not go directly to the Northwest Church. Click the link below if you would like to making an offering or pay tithe.


Donations for School Project


The Northwest Seventh Day Adventist Church is excited to have a Christian education program that is consistently growing! Our school The NWACS (Northwest Adventist Christian School) provides a safe and stable, God-loving environment for children of all backgrounds. The school intends to expand building more classrooms and a gymnasium for the students. With the help of the community and by donating we can create larger classroom settings for students to engage in Christian Education.

Building Project Costs:

Exterior Hard Construction Cost Estimates:

Building Shell $700,000

Interior Hard Construction Cost Estimates:

Interior Construction $700,000

Even in growth we will be able to provide intimate classroom environment for grades k-8 and We have a Core 40 Charter High School that has excelled in helping students in a smaller environment learn and grow in their faith as well! Sending several students on a mission trip recently with amazing results! Please pray for our project and if God impresses you please carefully consider giving!